New Intensive Course/Advanced Studies Department/Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory - 30, Novemver - 14, December, 2020

I am thrilled to announce my advanced studies intensive course that addresses various topics of 21st century music performance and repertoire and will be held in Nov.-Dec. at Moscow Conservatory (possibly both on- and offline). Designed primarily for teachers, ensemble directors, performers and researchers (both musicologists and artistic researchers) it also focuses on mediation and may be interesting for a broad audience. Depending on the audience individual needs we will touch upon works and artistic activities by Johannes Kreidler, Juliana Hodkinson, Brigitta Muntendorf, Alexander Schubert, Jennifer Walshe, Elena Rykova, Pierluigi Billone and Brian Ferneyhough, ensembles Scenatet, CNZ, Contrechamps, Nadar, EIC and more. It is going to be fun! More info here

A small video presentation by the Centre for Contemporary Music:

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