Michel Roth 'Tönung und Schatten' live recorded on May, 1st, 2015 at Liestal City Church
Nikolay Popov BIOMECHANICS for accordion and electronics, Center for Electroacoustic Music Moscow Conservatory (CEAMM)
excerpts from Helmut Oehring: Gestopfte Leere, live in der Klangbrücke Aachen, Altes Kurhaus, 28.Januar 2013 Veranstaltung der Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössische Musik (GZM) Aachen e.V.
Pasi Lyytikäinen (1975-) Vuo for accordion solo, 5th movement: Presto
Sehyung Kim 'Qi II for accordionist' live-recorded at Moscow Philharmonic Chamber Hall (the 2nd MCME' Academy 2012)
A.Piazzolla 'Hommage a Liège' double concerto for guitar and bandoneon performed by Lilit Mardiyan, Sergej Tchirkov and the Orchestra of the State Hermitage, conductor Federico Mondelci. Mariinsky Palace, St.Petersburg, June 2010
S.Menzulski 'Min+Max' for accordion and computer. CNMRG duo (Sergej Tchirkov - accordion, Stanislav Menzulski - computer,live electronics) live recorded in St.Petersburg, December 2005
Edison Denissov Des ténèbres à la lumière (excerpt), Sergej Tchirkov, live recorded at Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo, 02.03.2014
Alexandra Filonenko 'Schattenspiel' (live), Sergej Tchirkov - accordion, Sheremetev Palace, October 2011
Anton Svetlichny 'Dark Ambient' (live), Sergej Tchirkov, Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, 2011
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